Martha Paris (formerly Martha Sheperd) searching for her mother Virginia Sheperd and several members of her family

Of my mother, Virginia Sheperd, also of my
sisters, Mary, Louisa, Mandy and Caroline
Sheperd ; of my brother, William H. Shep-
erd ; my uncle Paten Sheperd, and my aunt
Dibsy Madison, all of whom belonged to
Ben Sheperd. Also of my aunt Martha
Young, who belonged to Henry Young. All
lived in Prince Edward Co., Virginia.
My mother and her four children were
sold, at Prince Edward County Court House,
to a slave trader named Sam Jenkins. Any
information of the above named persons
will be thankfully received by Martha
Lebanon, St. Clair Co., Ill.
Ministers will please read this notice to
their congregations.
Aug. 29--1t.

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