J. Clark is searching for their brother Anthony

Mr. Editor-I wish to inquiae [inquire]
for my brother who was sold to
Rafe Phillips, of Macon, Ga., in
1857 or 1858, who brought him to
Mobile, Ala. I heard that he was
sold to the owner of a line of
steamboats from Mobile to New Or-
leans, but did not learn the man's
name. My brother's name was
Anthony; we belonged to a man by
the name of Varner, and lived at
the Judian Springs, Butts county,
Ga. There were 6 brothers and 4
sisters. I will give the names of a
few of t hem, enough to satisfy my
brother, if he gets this, to know
that we are still living and anxious
to hear from him. Father was
named Merida, mother Jane, oldest
brother Eli, next Granville, John
and Anthony; sisters, Chaney,
Amy, Adeline and Elizabeth.
Preachers are requested to read
this to their congregations, and es-
pecially those preaching in Louis-
iana. Any information concerning
the whereabouts of my Brother
will be thankfully received. Ad.
dress me at Hot Springs, Ark., box
31. J. CLARK.

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