Riley Smith searching for their mother brother and three sisters

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire
for my people that I left in Mar-
shall county, Miss.--my mother,
brother and three sisters. I have
not seen or heard from them since
the war. My mother was Lucinda,
father Willis, but he died when I
was a small boy. My brother's
name was John, my sisters Dorcas,
Mary Ann and Hannah, who was
the baby when I left home. My
name was Riley, and we belonged
to Lem Smith. Our mistress was
Loveley, who was the daughter of
Joseph Chairs. We fell to Mr.
Smith, by his wife. My brother
Isam was my mother's oldest child,
and sister Dorcas the next, then a
brother died of the lockjaw by cut-
ting his big toe; his name was
Pressly, but we called him Pedler.
Riley, Mary Ann and Hannah were
very small when I left home. We
lived about 7 miles Northeast of
Holly Springs, near a village
called Hudsonville, and than
people would get off the cars at
Sylvester Church,and if that church
still stands please tell the preacher
in charge to read this to his con-
gregation. Address Riley Smith,
Giddings, Lee county, Texas, in
care of Rev. T. J. Smith.

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