Rev. L. M. Hagood searching for Martha Batts

MR. EDITOR--I desire to find the
whereabouts of one Martha Batts.
Some time since (about 4 or 5
years) she lived 8 miles east of
Athens, Ala., but told her sister
she was going to move on Elk
River. Her husband was named
Dave Batts; her sister Caroline left
her 11 years ago in Giles county,
Tennessee. When children they
belonged to Betsy Phillips, Giles
county, Tenn., but Caroline was
given to a grandchild of Mrs. Phil-
lips [Phillips], named Tilda Osborne. Her
mother and father were named re-
spectively [respectively] Anna and Jeffry Phil-
lips [Phillips]. The latter died in this city.
The mother was sold when Martha
and Caroline were babies. Ad-
dress [Address] Rev. L. M. Hagood, Nashville,

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