Primus Ross searching for her father Simon Cheny, mother Chaney Bennett, and brothers Alfred and Allen

MR. EDITOR-I wish to inquire for my kinfolks. Father's name was Simon Cheny, who belonged to Darling Cheney, in Martin county, North Carolina. Mother was Chaney Bennett; Jim Bennett raised her; she was sold by Jesse Jolley, Bennett's son-in-law, to Better, a Negro trader; she had two children with her, Primus, a baby of five moths; Alfred, two years old. My oldest brother, Allen, was a black smith and belonged to a Mr. Cox. I do not remember all of my sisters and brothers; I was so small, but there was 15 of us. Mother had sisters Rachel and Polly, both married in the Slade family; mother was sold and brought to Texas from Natchez, Miss., by old Judge Stamps. Brother Alfred was carried back to Mississippi by the widow of Cathmore Stamps. His wife was Rose Ann. Brother's oldest child was Simon, daughters were Hannah and Virginia. They were somewhere near Natchez. Address me at Prairie Plains, Texas. PRIMUS ROSS.

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