Clarissa, [last name unknown] searching for her parents and siblings

Mr. Editor—I wish to inquire
for my lost friends, father and
mother, sisters and brothers. My
father's name was Zeales Butler;
my mother's name was Mariah
Winkfield; she married Zeales But-
ler, and she fell to Dr. Johnnie
Winkfield, who married Caroline
Gypson. My name was Clarissa; I
fell to a Methodist preacher then
known as Lucius Deyampert; he
married Nancy Offleten Winkfield;
he carried me to South Carolina
and from there to Alabama, where
I still remain. I had three brothers
as follows: Moses, Jordan and Jack
the eldest, who was lame with the
white swelling. Brother Moses
belonged to the widow Winkfield,
but afterwards fell to old Joshua
Glynn, a Methodist preacher. Jor-
dan fell to Garland Winkfield. My
eldest sister's name was Patience;
I heard she was dead. My young-
est sister was Margaret. Pastors
will please read this from their
pulpits. Address Rev. J.C. Read,
Wedowee, Ala.

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