Bennett Forrest searching for his mother Sally Forrest (formerly Sally Brown and Sally Johnson) and extended family

MR. EDITOR—I wish to inquire
for my relatives. My mother left
all in Kentucky. Her father and
mother were Bennett and Delilah
Johnson; her brothers Rollin,
Elisha Bullett, Westley and Bob
Johnson; and also Smith Bullett,
by father; her aunts were Betty and
Sally; she left in Cloverport, Ky.
They all belonged to Zeke Fisher,
brother of Clayton Fisher. My
mother was then named Sally
Johnson; she left her son in Eliza-
bethtown [Elizabethtown], Ky., seven miles from
Hardin county; before peace was
declared his name was Henry Clay
Brown; she belonged to Thomas
Brown, brother of Elisha Brown,
and her name was then Sally Brown
but is now Sarah Forrest. My
father, Hardy Forrest, deceased,
left his relatives on Stanley's Creek,
Gaston county, North Carolina.
His parents were Samuel and Lucy
Forrest; brothers, Moses, Orange,
Jerry and Wirt Forrest, and a sis
ter [sister], Margaret Forrest. My guard-
ians [guardians], Geo. and Sally Hunter, left
the city about fifteen years ago, and
said they were going to Norfolk,
Va., but I never heard from them.
I am anxious to hear from all of my
relatives. Ministers in Kentucky,
North Carolina and Virginia will
please read this from their pulpits.
Address, Chestnut, near Valence
street, New Orleans, La.

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