Fanny Ward searching for her parents Melvina and Isaac Trumbull and siblings

MR. EDITOR - I wish to inquire for my people whom I left in Virginia about 24 years ago. Mother was Melvina and father Isaac Trunbull. Mother had ten children. We were sold to Thomas Coats; to a man named Slater; also, in Richmond, to a Mr. Hunley. Oldest brother was Jacob; one brother was Charley. My name is Fanny. I had a child when I was sold about two years ago. Brother Charley was sold just before I was. He was a ditcher, and when he heard that he had been sold be came home one evening, laid his arm down on a log and cut it off. I married and my husband is Robert Ward. Address me at Cold Springs, Texas, care of Rev. W. McKenzie. FANNY WARD.

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