Charles Westley Blaylock searching for his brother James and sister Caroline

DEAR EDITOR - I wish to inquire for my sister and brother. They were born near Broce Cross Roads, on Haw River, Guilford county, North Carolina. Mother, Martha Moore, belonged to Rev. John Moore; at the death of Rev and Mrs. Moore was sold. A speculator, Joe Poindexter, bought us, Charles Westley, Emma Caroline and James Milton Rufus. Our young master, Herbert Canon Moore, bought mother. Walter and Miranda, the youngest children Another young master from Texas, Freddie Moore, carried Emma, Caroline and James Milton Rufus back with him to Texas. Charles Westley, the oldest brother, was sold a day or two before from Joe Poindexter’s. Caroline and James are the ones I am inquiring after. Write me whether dead or alive. Address me at Mount Airy, Surry county, North Carolina. C. W. BLAYLOCK.

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