Frank Fleming searching for his uncles

Who Knows Them?
A Colored Man Looking for
His Family.
To the governor of South Carolina:
Dear Mr. Governor--I am seeking
for my people that I have not heard
from since the late war and I humbly
ask your assistance and hope you will
do all in your power to help me if you
please sir. My name is Frank Flem-
ing [Fleming]. I used to belong to Col. James
Young. who used to live at Carters-
ville [Cartersville], Ga. He came from South Caro-
lina [South Carolina] and brought my mother with him.
Mother died years ago.
My father belonged to Dr. Anderson
of Georgia. His name was Frank An-
derson [Anderson] but I think or was told that my
father was a Fleming before Mr. Ander-
son [Anderson] bought him.
Col Young had a mother in South
Carollina named Mrs. Sallie Young.
He had a brother in your state named
Mr. John Young.
Kind sir, mother had a brother in your
State named Robert Tigg. Last account
I heard of these people they lived near
Mr. John D. Williams' farms or place
called Manfield or Panfield. I had an
uncle in your country named Littlejohn
Vance. My mother was named Polly.
She has kin people in your country
Mr. Governor, will you please look
down on a poor negro and have this
published in the papers of your State.
I will kindly thank you. I would like
very much to hear from some of my
people that I have never seen in my
life. My father was named Frank.
Dr. Anderson carried him to Georgia
from South Carolina. My mother be-
longed [belonged] to Col James Young who car-
ried [carried] her from South Carolina to Geor-
gia [Georgia]. Please help me May the God
of heaven help you.
Frank Fleming.
Model Mill Co.,
Nashville, Tenn.

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