S. B. Bland seeking information about his wife Martha Wright's people

MR. EDITOR--I want to find my
wife's people. She came to this
country by the name of Martha
Wright, and her brother, Green
Wright, came with her. My wife
and brother Green and her sister
Malishia Ann Gisush were sold at
Liberty for a debt and were taken
to Richmond, Va., where they were
sold, it was in Bedford county, and
when they were taken to Richmond
she was sold again; and there they
were parted. She left her sister
Malisha Ann in Petersburg, and
her little child and little brother
James Preston, whose father, Jerry
Preston, was mother's last hus-
band [husband]. I have hard from my
mother since I have been here; she
said that the next year after I was
sold sisters Fanny and Manda were
sold, and brother Marshall and
mother were sold in the neighbor-
hood [neighborhood]. The last news we received
from mother was in June, and we
are looking for a letter every day.
We all mere formerly owned by a
Mr. Billy Guissh, in Bedford Co.,
Va. Pastors will please read this
from their pastors. Address me,
S. B. Bland, Mathersville, Wayne
county, Miss.

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