Dave Stewart searching for his relatives and his wife's relatives

MR. EDITOR:--I desire informa-
tion [information] of my relatives, and also of my
wife's relatives. My mother's name
was Susan Dickison. When I last
saw her she went by her husband's
name, as she was set free. The
children were scattered very much.
My sister belonged to Currage
Baker, her name was Jane Baker,
her husband's name was John Cantle.
My sister lived in Sumpter county,
Tenn. In fact all my people lived
in the same county. My brothers
both belonged to Cantle, the last
heard of. My brothers were Robert
and Allen Cantle. We were raised
by James Baker, after his death we
were divided out. I went to Levi
Baker his brother, my name was
Dave Baker at that time. My
wife's people all belonged to Levi
Baker, the same man that I did,
her mother's name was Ardray
Baker. She had seven children,
three girls and four boys. One
of the girls was Amanda
Baker, the next girl's name is for-
gotten [forgotten]. The boy's names are Asa,
Robert, Moses and Mitchell Baker.
My wife's name was Sallie Baker.
We now go by the name of Stew-
art [Stewart]. Levi Baker gave me and my
family to his daughter, after she
was married to John Stewart, and
he went to East Tennessee, then
to Virginia and from Virginia to
Texas. Address me at Cook's Point,
Burleston Co., Texas.

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