Dilcy Taylor (formerly Dilcy Patrick) looking for her family including mother Selie and father Elie

MR EDITOR - I wish to inquire for my people whom I left in Decatur, Ga. When I left Georgia I came to Alabama with Alfred Wickshom; when in Georgia I belonged to Kirkpatrick. My mother was named Selie and my father Elie, and both belonged to Kirkpatrick. I had three brothers and two sisters; the oldest was named Jim and the others Daniel and Nathan. My sisters were: Anhicky, nicknamed 'Hicky," and Adeline. When I left them I was only 12 years old. Mr. Editor, please help me to find my people. Ask the preachers in Georgia to read this to their congregations. I am now living in Macon, Noxubee county, Miss. My name was Dilcy Patrick but is now Dilcy Taylor. I have been trying to find my people for 18 years. I heard from them once, but have not seen them in 43 years. Address any information to my son, Lee Jones, Macon, Miss.

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