Mary Jane Jackson (formerly Mary Jane Parks) searching for her parents Henry Young and Melinda and siblings

MR. EDITOR- I am anxious to learn the whereabouts of my people. We were separated while in Kentucky, near Lexington. I was sold to Fealing Parks, and mother, two brothers and two sisters were sold to Mr. Fulgum, who brought them to Fayetteville, Tenn. Our father was left in Kentucky. His name was Henry Young; he belonged to Window Nancy Higgans. Mother's name was Melinda. Two brothers, William Henry and Edward; two sisters, Sarah and Bettie Fulgum. My name was Mary Jane Parks; I am the oldest daughter. Since I married my name is Mary Jane Jackson. Any one knowing anything of their whereabouts will do a great kindness to write me at Bentonville, Ark., or Rev. W. R. R. Duncan, presiding elders, Van Buren, Ark.

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