Bettie Chatman searching for her mother and siblings

MR. EDITOR ---- I wish to inquire
for my mother, sisters and brothers.
I left them in Texas during
the war; mother's name was Charity
Lay; father, Frank Lay; sisters,
Charlotte and Hannah; Hannah is
called Todd for nick-name; brother
Jim Benny. They used to belong
to Wm. Lay, and when he died his
brother, Tom Lay, took me to
Louisiana with him; it has been
about 23 years, and I was then
about 9 or 10 years of age; my
name was then Bettie Moore, and
is now Bettie Chapman. Please
address any information of them to
Bettie Chatman, Shreveport, La.,
in care of W. W. Toliver.

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