Maria Freeman searching for her husband William Stokes Dosier and mother Maria Brooks

MR. EDITOR -- I wish to inquire
for my kinpeople, I left them in
South Carolina, about the year 1851
My husband was William Stokes
Dosier, he belonged to Allen Dosier,
a Baptist preacher. I have two
boys, John Wesley Dosier and
Willis Dosier. I was sold from
them by Johnson Lowry to Sam
Watson. Watson sold me to Paul
Delemeyer in Sumpter county, Alabama.
My mothers name was
Maria Brooks. I left her in Mount
Willing city, S. C. , she belonged
to Dr. George Yarty. Father, John
Brooks belonged to Smith Brooks.
Before I left South Carolina, I had
five brothers and two sisters
Brother's George Coleman and
Richard Roozer, Phillip Christy,
Willis Christy, and John Brooks. I
left them in Edgefield, S.C. Sisters
Amy and Eliza I heard from during
the war. My name is now Maria
Freeman. Address me at Edwards,
Harris county, Miss, care of Mr.
P. W. Baldwin.

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