Morgan and Adeline Cammon searching for Morgan's mother Jennie Bowyer and Adeline's sister Maria Terrel

DEAR EDITOR-- I wish to obtain
some knowledge of the whereabouts
of my relations. Mother's name is
Jennie Bowyer. I left her in Fairfield
District, S.C. She used to
belong to Mike Bowyer. Brother's
name was Fred Barker. He was
willed to Wm. Barker, who carried
him to Georgia. Sister Maria Barker
went with him. Sister Lucy
was willed to Isaac Tharp. I left
her in South Carolina. Sister
Malilda was willed to Marion Burns,
in South Carolina. Adeline Cammon
wishes information of her sister,
Maria Terrel, whom she left in
Quincy, Miss. She used to belong
to Mormon Terrel. Any information
concerning the above named parties
will be prayerfully received by
Morgan Cammon, or his wife, Adeline
Cammon, at Luling, Caldwell
Co., Texas.

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