Rev. Samuel Blackwell looking for his father-in-law Gilbert Grant

DEAR EDITOR ---- I wish to get some information concerning my wife' father : his name, when I left him in Athens, Ga., was Gilbert Grant. Since that time (1864) I have not heard from him. Wife's name was then Harriet Burke and her mother's Annie Bird. She was sold from Mr. W. M. Bird to Mr. Charles J. Burke who lived within a mile and a quarter of Union Point. She was then sold to a speculator by the name of McRiley who brought her South, where she has been ever since. She has three sisters, one named Martha Lowry. She has found one, Edie, who once belonged to the Birds. The other one is dead. If any one knows of such a person they will confer a favor by addressing me at Mayersville, Miss. REV. SAMUEL BLACKWELL.

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