Easter Jones searching for her mother-in-law Kitty Russ and brothers-in-law Christopher Russ and Edmond Gooden Russ

DEAR EDITOR -- I wish to hear of the whereabouts of my husband's people. His mothers' name was Kittie Russ. She lived in Bladen county, N.C., when he was taken from her the year before the war (1860.) She used to belong to Jonah Russ. His oldest brother was named Christopher Russ. He and his brother were taken from North Carolina to Richmond, Va., and there sold. he was taken from his brother there and carried to Greenwood, S.C. There he stayed until the year 1897 when he came to Arkansas. And I have not heard from his people since. He left another brother in Richmond, Va., name Edmond Gooden Russ. My husband's former name was Cahoun Russ, now he goes by Calhoun Jones. Address
Texarkana, Texas.

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