Matt Murray searching for his father Abraham Murray and his mother Celia

DEAR EDITOR ----- I am a regula [regular]
student at the Wiley University
and have not heard from my kin
folks in eleven or twelve years. I
came to Arkansas with my father's
brother, from Alabama in 1870.
We took the train in Columbus,
Georgia. Father's name Abraham
Murray ; my mother Celia, his
wife who, used to belong to Dr.
Thornton. My mothers mother's
name is Venius, her husband
Joshua. We lived between Little
and Big Ochee, in Alabama.
Father had the rheumatism when
he left. He had also a broken
arm caused by seining he said. I
am the only son of my mother, and
had two sisters. Any person knowing
Dolger Thorton or people that
used to belong to him, and will
please inform them of us, will
greatly oblige
Wiley University,
Marshall, Texas.

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