Clerry Ann Bertolotte searching for her parents, Susan and Cain Alison, and her siblings

MR. EDITOR --- I wish to hear
from my mother or some of my
relations. My name is Clerry Ann
Alison. I was born in Greensville
Virginia. I was sold sold when I
was about sixteen years of age to
William Watkins in Petersburgh.
I and all my family formerly
belonged to Willian Wyatt. My
mother was named Susan Alison
my father Cain Alison, Sister Mary
brothers Edmund, Peter and
Roberson Alison. My mother had
three brothers, Joe, George, and
Mason Avery and two sisters, Jennie
and Lizzie. Jennie lived at
Sweed's plantation, 25 miles from
Greensville. My mother and aunt
Lizzie were sent to Wm. Wyatt's
cotton farm in West Tenn. Aunt
Jennie had three children, Sandy,
Harriet and Nancy Wyatt. My
uncle Joe's wife was named Martha.
The overseer of Sweed's plantation
was McRichardson. My father was
a miller and kept his mill on the
roadside just at the edge of the
river. My father's brother was
named Nelson Alison, he was a
blacksmith by trade. Address me
226 Ursuline near Claiborne, New


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