Sarah Oxley looking for her sister Dorcas Richardson

Information Wanted.
Ministers of colored churches in Louisiana
and adjoining States are earnestly
requested to read the following to their
respective congregations:
The brothers and sisters (John, Peter,
Sarah and Kate) of Dorcas Richardson,
daughter of the late Moses and Eliza Richardson,
of Craven county, N. C., are anxious
to learn of her whereabouts. Dorcas was
sold at the age of 16 in Newbern, N. C.,
some few years prior to the late war, and
taken to New Orleans, La., by one Page, a
slave trader; since which time no tidings of
her have been received by her relatives.
Any information in the premises will be
gratefully received and appreciated.
Address SARAH OXLEY, Newbern, N. C.

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