Mrs. William Martin looking for relatives of John S. Capron


A Fortune for the Relatives

SAN FRANCISCO, Cali., Dec 30 '97,
EDITOR The Planet:

Will you insert a
notice in your paper and assist in trying
to find the relatives of John S
Capron, who left Virginia during the
Mexican war with Major [undecipherable].
They came west and were for years
in Eureka Nevada where he accumulated
a large fortune. In year seventy eight
or nine he married a white
woman with several children. Some
years after she died and last June he
died by committing suicide and the
children are trying to claim all of the
property. He willed his lawyer one
hundred thousand dollars, so he and
the step children are fighting in the
court over the estate.
It is said that his mother was a colored
woman and his father white. He
never denied being colored though
socially and on business he was with
the whites. He was a cook, but after
he accumulated some money he went
into Real Estate business. His description
is auburn hair a little curly or reddish,
sandy complexion very freckled
and about five feet nine or ten inches
tall. I think if the State papers would
insert an item of inquiry and the pastors
publish it from the pulpit, it
might benefit some of this relatives. I
was called in the case, but could not
swear to his being [undecipherable] as I did not
know any of his people. Attend to
this immediately as the case will, I
think go to the jury next week, but
whichever side is defeated I think they
will appeal.

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