Success Stories

Beverly Y. Smith, great-great-granddaughter of Moriah

"I have been engaged in my genealogical research for more than ten years.  Stories from family members led me to seek out more information through records, graveyards, and obituaries. 

I discovered my great-great grandmother  Moriah b.1821 was owned by Jeremiah Blaylock. She was listed in his will.  A year ago a cousin informed me Moriah had a twin. I began searching for her. My search led me to the Last Seen: Finding Family After Slavery project. I read through the ads, listened to readings of the ads, read recommended books. I have not found an Information Wanted ad at this time. I continue to search. My quilts reflect this passion. I created this series, Last Seen Wearing. In it, I call out my ancestors by names. Thank you for this incredible work."

-Beverly Y. Smith

Visit Smith's website to view more of her work.

Minerva Smith's gravestone

Minerva by Beverly Y. Smith

Evangeline by Beverly Y. Smith