Success Stories

Reginald James, Sr., great-great-great-grandson of Henriette Seymour

Reginald James, Sr., a retired teacher, found his third-great-grandmother, Henriette Seymour, in a Lost Friends ad placed in the Southwestern Christian Advocate on April 29, 1880.

Henriette Seymour searching for her relatives

Henriette Seymour searching for her relatives

"…I knew it was my third great grandmother because through research I knew she lived in Grimes County, Texas in the town of Navasota. I was so excited because the ad gave me the name of my 4th great grandmother with a slight description. It also told me where Henrietta was exactly from and how she ended up in Texas. Other information in the ad gave me the original slave owner’s name and the names of Henrietta’s sibling and how the family was separated through the system of slavery. … This ad is one of my most prized finds and taken me on a new journey to solve."

-Reginald James, Sr.