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Frank Quinn searching for his brother Scott Henderson.

Eliza Branson seeking information of her brother William Marshall.

Emma Ashe Pitts searching for her children, Mary Francis and Julius Ashe.

E.D. Hicks searching for his mother Harriett Hicks , sisters Rhoda and Mariah, and his brothers Alonzo and Solomon.

Williams 2-3-1900.jpg
George Williams is looking for his mother, Lucy, sisters, Agnes and Lucinda, and brothers, William, Aaron, James and Peter.

Williams 1-13-1900.jpg
Isaac Bray is looking for his father, Carter Bray.

Sanders 7-7-1900.jpg
Rachel Rogers is looking for her brothers, Nick and Nassau Sanders, and sister Sookie Toles.

Harris 2-17-1900.jpg
Bettie Woodson is searching for her father, Hudson Harris (also known as Hudson Hargrove), her mother, Henriette, sisters, Gabe, Adsonia, Susan, Elizabeth, and Emma, and brother, whose name is not mentioned.

Smith 12-9-1899.jpg
John Smith is looking for his mother, Catherine Smith, brothers, James and Alfred, sister, Mary, and Uncle, James Dudley.

Gray 9-2-1899.jpg
Mrs. Wm. George Wilson is looking for her aunt, Bell Gray, who may know her as Annie Bell Coleman.
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