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William H. Butcher.jpg
William H. Butcher's mother, Carlisle, PA, searching for him at Canton, OH

Isam Turner.jpg
Isam Turner, Oswego, KS, searching for several persons

Tom Perkins searching for Mat. McClain and his wife Priscilla, as well as Priscilla's son, Tom.

Rachel Farrow searching for her mother Harlan, son Aaron; brothers Giles, John, Willis, Gilbert; and sisters Lethe, Chaney, Harriet, Keziah and Quntrunie.

Coleman v2.jpg
A.B. Coleman searching for Anderson Turner; Edith Turner; Deliah; Lucy Turner; Lucy Turner; Edith Turner; Violet and her sons Timothy, Russell and Henry, Edith Coleman, and Elizabeth Alexander.

W. Sanders.jpg
Wm. (Derry) Sanders searching for his daughter Hannah, wife Violet, and mother Dian.
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