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John Jones, Washington, DC, separated from mother at start of Civil War. Found her in New York City.


Mrs. Woodsen finds little sister, Mrs. Culton, of Bonne Terre, Missouri

Found...Pittsburgh Dispatch Mar 12 1891.jpg
William H. Todd, Washington Court House, OH, finds his mother in Macon, GA, after writing to people in the South for many years in search of her.

The Appeal. St Paul etc. Aug 3 1889.jpg
Martha Cobble, Owensboro, KY, finds her two sons, who were sold to a New Orleans trader

National Tribune. Washington DC 22 Feb 1883.jpg
She was sold by slave traders. Had been looking for her since the Civil War.

Daily Republican. Wilmington DE Dec 6
She was one month old when her mother was sold away. Found her family by placing an ad in a Richmond, VA newspaper.

Richmond Planet. Feb 8 1902.jp2
Mrs. R.W. Williams, Richmond, VA, saw Charlie Oliver's recent ad. She knows his family in King William County, VA.

W.H. Jackson 4-24-1884.tif
W. H. Jackson has reconnected with Turner Petty's people through an ad in the Southwestern Christian Advocate. He praises the paper for bringing people together.


S. D. Handy 7-24-1884.tif
S. D. Handy has located Mr. M. C. Gary's youngest brother Samuel Thomas in Cleveland, TN


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