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Crawford 11-12-1899.jpg
Lillie Gibson is looking for her father, Geo Phillips, formerly of Lynchburg, VA and possibly Fredericksburg.

Carter 8-26-1899.jpg
Elsie Carr is looking for her father, Isaac Carter, and her mother, Jannie Barber.

White 9-3-1898.jpg
Emma Williams is looking for her sister, Rachel Dodge.

Wells 7-9-1898.jpg
Mrs. Amanda Wells is looking for her father, Cager Simms; mother, Jennie; three sisters, Lucy, Mandy, and Roxayana; and two brothers, Lewis and Cager.

Montgomery 8-20-1898.jpg
Lula Montgomery is looking for her mother, Millie, her two sister's, Mary and Judie, and her father whose name she does not remember.

Hunter 11-5-1898.jpg
The name on this ad is partially cut off, so Mary L Hunter is my best guess. Mary Hunter is looking for anyone who left Covington, VA during the Civil War.

Draper 10-24-1898.jpg
Josephine Draper Griffy is looking for her father, John Draper.

richmond pl apr 25 1891.jpg
Mary Ancell is looking for Joseph Gray.

RP35 J.jpg
Robert Johnson seeking information of his friends, who he does not name.

RP34 J.jpg
Mrs. Ray seeking information of her daughter, Janie L. Green.
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