Clara Carriger looking for her daughter Minerva Cavanaugh

daughter Minerva Cavanaugh. Her fa
ther's name was Thomas Cavanaugh, her
mother's name was Clara Cavanaugh. We
were all the property of Old Doctor Cava-
naugh, at Carrollton, Mo. He sold Miner-
va to a Mr. Cassner, who owned a wood
yard up the Missouri river above Carroll-
ton. Several years before the war, she
was sold by Mr. Cassner to speculator
White, who carried her South, and after
keeping her in the slave pen for some time
at Lexington I lost track of her and have
not heard of her since. Any information
concerning her whereabouts will be gladly
received and fully appreciated by her
mother whose name now is Clara Carri-
ger. Address, Bedford, Taylor county, Ia.

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