Mrs. Geo. P. Downey looking for her sisters Dollie and Faithy Scott

Of Dollie and Faithy Scott, (their
names before their marriage),
daughters of Hubbard Scott, had
sisters Dicia, Mary and Betsy, and
an only brother, who left North
Carolina and came to Indiana be-
fore the war. I am Hardy Scott's
youngest daughter. My mother
was Frances Evans, commonly
called Fannie; my grand mother
was Julia Evans. All came from
the same place or thereabouts in
North Carolina, if I am not mis-
taken, I think Greeneboro, Guilford
Co., near Raleigh. Your paper is
so well distributed I think if I
say North Carolina and designate
no place, it will not be amiss. I am
very anxious to find out about my
people: the older ones of the fam-
ily always heard from the ones left
behind before the war, but never
have had a word since. Mrs. Geo.
P. Downey, P. O. Box 1008, Den-
ver Col.

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