Jos. Evans searching for his mother Yerico Tool and sisters

DEAR EDITOR -- Being one of your subscribers, I desire to make the following inquiry through the ADVOCATE for my relatives : I desire to inquire for my mother, whose name was Yerico Tool ; also three sisters by the names of Bettie, Ellen and Lucy Tool, whom I was taken from by one Houston, a negro trader, who lived at Hamburg, S. C. I was taken from my mother and sisters at Hamburg, when only 10 years old. This was about 20 years ago. My sister Ellen was not with my mother, my sisters and myself when I was taken from them at Hamburg. She was left at Winsor, Barnville county, S. C. About 5 years ago I heard from my mother, through Mr. J. L. Tool, son of my owner. The letter was postmarked Winsor, S. C. He stated that my mother was living with him at that time. I have failed to hear from her since, after exerting everything in my power in the way of writing. JOS EVANS.

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