Reverend Grey searching for the family of his mother-in-law Dinah Flowers (formerly Dinah Simon)

DEAR EDITOR— I want to find the whereabouts of my mother-in-laws relations. Her father's name was Samuel Young, and her mother Nancy Young. When she left them, they had six children, four boys and two girls. The boys were Samuel,* Ben and Stepney, the other one was so young we cannot remember his name. She had one sister named Dorcas. Ben and Stepney and the baby, and Dorcas, and their father, Stepney Cuspert, all belonged to George Cuspert. My mother-in-law had one daughter, named Nancy Simon. Her grandmother was also named Nancy. Mother in law was named Dinah Simon, when she left them, on George Cuspert's plantation, Buford Island, South Carolina. Mother-in-law's name is now Dinah Flowers. She is living at Baldwin, St. Mary's parish, La. She was sold out here before the war. Address any information to REV A. GRAY, Baldwin, La.

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