Alice Bell (formerly Alice Walker) searching for her mother Kate and siblings

MR. EDITOR:—I wont to inquire for my people, from whom I was taken when quite young. We lived in South Carolina, near Greeneville. I was so young I can't remember anything about it, but I am going by what was told me. Mother was Kate, and belonged to Mr. Oliver Barrett. He moved away and turned her over to Mr. Haseclaw. I had three brothers: Joe, Johnnie and Chester. There were six sisters of us: Hannah, Duck, Silvery and Mint. Our master brought myself and an older sister named Harriet, to Texas. The last I heard of her, she was at Kimbbeville. My name used to be Alice Walker. I have since married, and my name is now Alice Bell. Address me in care of Rev. T. Bell, Ross, Texas.

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