Josephine Gooden (formerly Josephine Porter) searching for her father Daniel Glover, mother Sarah, and siblings

Mr. Editor: I wish to find [undecipherable] people. My father's name [undecipherable] Daniel Glover, and my mot[undecipherable] was named Sarah. She belong[undecipherable] to Wm. Porter, a saddle maker, Petersburg, Va. My oldest s[undecipherable]ter's name was Pattie. She m[undecipherable]ried Daniel Davis. The othe[undecipherable] were sisters Sarah, Clementine[undecipherable], and Parthenia, and brother Charl[undecipherable] Henry Porter. I was about sev[undecipherable] years old when sold to a Neg[undecipherable] trader, named Wm. Nedlock. [Undecipherable] went by the name of Josephin[undecipherable] Porter, and was the second chi[undecipherable] of my mother. Any information of their whereabouts will [undecipherable] thankfully received. Address [undecipherable] at Tucker's Gap, Tenn., care Rev. E. J. Guthrie. JOSEPHINE GOODEN.

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