T. Blake looking for their parents and siblings

DEAR EDITOR—I left a mother. brother, sister and father in North Carolina, in Lexington, Davison county. My mother I left in Davis county. She belonged to Benjamin Marrial. My brother, Henderson Gaust, I left at J. P. Mabra's, in Lexington. He was a servant in J. P. Mabra's hotel at that time, and his wife was Harriet. I also left my sister in Davidson county. She belonged to John Miller, and lived on his plantation, near Miller's cross roads, in Jersey's settlement. Her husband was Gust. Miller. He had two sons, Alex. and Lenza, and one daughter; I have forgotten her name. My youngest sister, Diana Marial, belonged to Johnson Marial, and he sold her to a negro trader, and the last account I had of her, she came down South. Address T. Blake, Pitts' Bridge, Burleson county, Texas, or at Tunis P. O., Burleson county.

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