Reverend H. P. Coulter seeking his family, including his father Henry Couter (formerly Henry Turntine)

MR. EDITOR-I want to inquire through your valuable columns for my people. My grandfather's name is Billy Shurn, my grandmother Milley Sheppards, formerly belonged to a man by the name of Wm. Shurn, Grandfather's former master. Sheppards was the name of grandmother's master. Their children were Lucinda Sheppards, Sicily Sheppards, Henry Coulter, formerly went by the name of Henry Turntine, formerly belonged to a man by the name of Archie Turntine. My father, .Henry Couter, came from Bedford county Tenn. There are two other children, namely: Wm. Sheppards and Mathew Sheppards, these children belonged to the same man that their mother did, Milley Sheppards. My father left these above named parties in Bedford county, Shelbyville, Tenn. Any information will find me at Norwoodville, Ark, Sevier county, Rev. H. P. Coulter

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