Hannah Nelson (formerly Betsy Allen) seeking her mother, brothers, and sisters

I wish to make some inquiries in your paper for my people whom I left in Calvert county, (Ga.?), don't remember the State. My father's name was Levi Allen; he died before I left there. I want to know the whereabouts of my mother, two brothers and two sisters. My mother's name was Renda Allen; brothers William and Levi Allen, named after his father; sisters were Eliza and Debbie Ann Allen. We belonged to a man by the name of Dr. Michael Lines, and I was sold by him to a Negro trader by the name of Mr. Nutwell. I have lived in Texas twenty five years, and am now living in Galveston, Texas, and have been for the last seven years. My name is now Hannah Nelson, but my name when I was with them was Betsy Allen. If any one is acquainted with any of these names they will please address Hannah Nelson, Galveston, Texas.

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