Richard Whiting looking for his son Richard Whiting, Jr., and his sisters Diana, Nancy, Lucinda, Ellender, and Susan Whiting

Information Wanted.

Information wantd of Mr. Rich-
ard Whiting, jr. who was the son
of Richard and Charity Whiting.
My father Richard belonged to Mr.
Frank Whiting of Gloucester, Va.
and mother belonged to Mrs. Ellen-
der Wyatt. My father was drowned
and I had five sisters: Diana,
Nancy, Lucinda. Ellender, and
Susan Whiting, all scattered in dif-
ferent parts of the country. I was
removed or sold to Petersburg, Va.
Sister Ellender to Dr. Wyatt, who
lived some where near Annapolis,
Md., and Sister Lucinda, she be-
longed to Thomas Wyatt some
where in Md. State. I wish that if
either of the above named persons,
my sister or their children are a
living, they will confer a favor on
me to write and perhaps to them
selves also.

Richard Whiting, N. 38 Spruce
St. Newport, Rhode Island.

March 11 - 3 mos.

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