Reller Ralerfurt searching for his mother, father, brother, and sister

MR. EDITOR—Please allow me space in the SOUTHWESTERN to inquire for my people. My father's name was Doublen Spradlen; my mother's name was Eliza Dupree. I have a brother and sister, brother's named Moses and sister's named Malinda. We lived in Oglethorpe county, Ga., 6 or 7 miles from Leciton, which was the county seat. My mother was sold several years before the war to a trader by the name of Busster. I was brought from there by Dupree to Rome, Ga. We remained there until the war, since which time I came to Tennessee, where I now live. Any information of the whereabouts of the above names will be thankfully received by Reller Ralerfurt, in care of Rev. J. T. Henry, my pastor, P.O., Mission Ridge, Tenn.

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