Charles Sims seeking his family, including his four sisters

MR. EDITOR -- I wish to inquire for my people whom I have not seen for 40 years, that was when we left Virginia. I had four sisters named Eliza, Mary Ann, Isabella and Laura Anderson; the father of those girls was named Otha Anderson, and their mother Peggie Anderson. She, when we were all living together, was one day assisting in hauling wheat and in coming in she got up on the wagon, it being loaded, she was pulled off as the wagon came into the barn, and fell on the floor, and from that she died. She belonged to old Johnnie Williamson, and after my mother's death he died, and his estate was sold. I also have one brother, Philip Snider. At this time my name was Charles Bell. I and my brother Philip and sister Eliza were sold to a man named E. Hut Turner, and after four years the three of us were sold to old Bill Crow; who then lived in Charlestown, Virginia. I had two cousins whom I left in Virginia, one was named Lyda Carmon and the other Ann; they were sisters; their mother was named Jennie. Ann was sold to old Jones, with my two youngest sisters. If any one is acquainted with any of these, they will please address, Charles Sims, Wallisville, Chambers county, Tex.

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