Bettie G. Jackson searching for her father Thomas Jackson and siblings Frank, George, and Ann Maria

MR. EDITOR--I wish to inquire for my father, brothers and sisters. My father's name was Thomas Jackson Mr Aaron Thornly owned him. He was sold before I was born. Mamma says Mr. Thornly carried father from Wytheville to Richmond, Va, and sold him. The young Mr. Thornly told mamma father was sent to Louisiana, and then Mr. Thornly carried mamma and her five children from Wythe ville, Va., to Bristol, Tenn., and from Bristol to Dalton, Ga., and there we parted. Mamma and brother Tom and myself was sold to Mr. W. A. Doughterty and was sent to Tennessee and left my brothers and sister in Dalton, Ga., with Mr. Aaron Thornly, two brothers and one little sister. My brothers named John Frank Jackson, and George Henry Jackson and my sister's name is Ann Maria Jackson. Mr. Thornly was in Georgia. The last account we heard of our people they were in Tennessee, in McMinn county. Any information of them would be thankfully received by Bettie G. Jackson, Carterville, Jasper county, Missouri.

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