Mrs. Diana Johnson (nee Diana Hellard) searching for information about her parents and siblings


Texas Woman Tells a Story of the
Breaking Up of Her Family--Letter
to County Clerk Wende.

County Clerk Otto H. Wende this morning
received the following letter, which vividly
recalls the days of slavery:

January 13, 1900.

I desire to find my people. I was born in
North Carolina, Roman County, five miles
from Maxville and twelve miles from Saulsbury.
My father was Jack Hellard. Mother
was Hannah Hellard. Brother was John
Hellard. Sisters were Jency and Flora Hellard.
Brother John was sold from the Hellard
estate to William Golden and George
Tar in partnership. Tar sold out his part
to Golden, who sold Brother John to a speculator
named Bob Hemay. Sister Jency
married Harry Galloway. Flora was sold
for debt. Mother married again to one
Benjamin Garner. They had one girl and
two boys. The girl was Lucy Garner. She
belonged to Catherine Kellar. The boys
were Ben and Milas Calvin Garner. I was
sold from mother in 1840 to Ala Bam Bill
Haden, who brought me to Alabama and
from there to Texas, 1841. My name was
Diana Hellard. It is now Diana Johnson.
Any information concerning any of the
above-named persons will be very thankfully

Mrs. Diana Johnson,

Edna, Jackson County, Texas,

Care of Miss Lucy H. Johnson.

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