Arena Ross seeking Bettie Sammony, Pete Flemings, Ned, John Harrison, Ben Sammons, Peggie Hardinay, and Rachel Sammons

Wants to Find Her People.
A negress named Arena Ross, of Cross
Plains, Tenn., has written Detective Tom-
linson [Tomlinson], asking for some information re-
garding [regarding] lost relatives. She wrote as fol-
lows [follows]:
Cross Plains, Tenn.,
January 1, 1906.
"Dear Sir,—I wish you to inquire of my
family and would be glad if you would
give me any information that would lead
to locate the following persons, white or
colored: William Sammons, Robert Keel-
ing [Keeling] (white), Bettie Sammony, Pete Flem
ings [Flemings], Ned, John Harrison or Ben Sam-
mons [Sammons], Peggie Hardinary or Rachel Sam-
mons [Sammons] (colored). I formerly belonged to
William Sammons, but was brought away
by my young master, Robert Keeling, and
have never heard from my people since.
Any information given me to lead to find-
ing [finding] the parties named will be highly ap-
preciated [appreciated]."

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