John Milton Anderson searching for his people

Wanted Information of my Folks.
I want to find my people. We
came from South Carolina to Green
county, Ala., about 5 years before
the war. My mother was Milly Gil-
lam, and she died in South Carolina.
My father's name was Dick Gillam,
afterwards Dick Anderson. He
married again and his second wife
was named Fanny. I am the only
child by his first wife, by the second
he had 5 children named, Edmond,
Rachael, Dinah, Phoebe, and Polly
We moved to Mississippi, four miles
east of Corona, on old Dr. Calhoun's
place. Edmond joined the U.S
army at Corinth. I left the others
on the Calhoun place about 1863 and
have not seen or heard from them
since. I heard that Edmond was
killed at Fort Pillow.
I will pay a reward for any infor-
mation of either of the above.
Write me at Huntsville, care of
the Journal.
tf. John Milton Anderson.

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