Mrs. Mary Smith searching for her parents and two brothers Thomas and Rhody Aawkins

I would like to know the whereabouts of my
father, mother and two brothers. They were
carried from Palmyr, Mo. a good many years
ago. Their names were Thomas and Rhody
Aawkins. Father's name was Wm. Hender-
son [Henderson]. He belonged to a man in Marion county
by the name of Dr. Daniel Johnson. They
were carried to Tennessee by the name of Dr.
Johnson. The last heard of my father he was
in Chicago and went by the name of Johnson.
I was left by my mother in Philadelphia, a lit-
tle [little] town about twenty miles from Palmyr, Mo.
with Dr. Daniel Johnson. Any information
concerning any of these parties will be cheer-
fully [cheerfully] received by Mrs. Mary Smith, Palmyr,

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