Tally Miller seeking information about his daughters Caroline and Sarah Williams

MR. EDITOR––I wish to inquire
through your paper for my two
children that I left near Chester
village, Chester county. South Car-
olina [South Carolina], about 1837. I left them on
Jesse William’s place, about five
miles from Chester village, on a lit-
tle [little] creek called Pea Ridge. Both
my children were girls, named Car-
oline [Caroline] Williams and Sarah Williams.
Their mother died in five years
after I left them. Her name was
Eliza Williams. She belonged to
Jesse Williams. I belonged to
James B. Pickett, and I was hired
out to Jesse Williams at the time I
married Eliza, and I went by the
name of Tally Williams; but when
I was taken away from Jessee Wil-
liams [Williams] by my master, James Pick-
ett [Pickett], my name was changed to Tally
Pickett. I lived on Turkey Creek-
two years after I was taken from
Jesse Williams, and then I was
brought to Louisiana, on Red
River, by Col. Williamson. The
last account I heard of them they
were in Houston, Texas; that is
what I heard. I don't know
whether it was so or not. Since
freedom my name has been changed
from Tally Pickett to Tally Miller.
I would like to hear from my chil-
dren [children] very much. Write to me in
care of H. W. Ogden, Shreveport,

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