Robert Reed wishes to inquire for his relatives

MR. EDITOR––Please allow me
to inquire for my relatives. My
mother's name was Tina; she be-
longed [belonged] to a man named Thompson D.
White, who lived near Brownsville,
Tenn. She had six children, viz:
Phoebe, Judy, Mary Eliza, William,
Elijah and myself, Bob––three girls
and three boys. Sister Phoebe, the
eldest, was sold in 1845 or 1846, I
don't know who to. In 1847, my
brother Elijah and I were sold to
Shugars McElmore, who took us to
Holly Springs, Miss., where he sold
my brother to a farmer and me to a
trader, who brought me to Texas.
I have never heard from any of my
relative since the sale at Holly
Springs. Address me at Davilla,
Milam county, Texas.

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