Ann Washington (formerly Ann Stubb) searching for her family members

To the churches in Louisiana: A
letter to be read in the churches
inquiring for a woman name Susan
Sprigs, mother named Fanny Willis
from Richard, in Gloucester county
Va., Richard Cook in Gloucester
county. My father was Susan
Spriggs, uncle John Stubbs, Ann
Stubbs father, to inquire for my
cousins, Edward and Mary Smith.
Aunt Jennie Lewis belonged to Mc-
Connor [McConnor] in Williamsburg, Edward be-
longed [belonged] to Doctor Bird in Gloucester.
Please read this letter in all the
churches. Susan’s sister was sold
before Richard Cook died, Susan’s
sister was named Ellen Green.
James Green’s wife was sold out
Richard Cook state if any of
Ann Stubbs relations can be heard
of. Please write to Yorktown to
Ann Washington, I am married
now. My mother’s name is Lucy
Stubb that uncle John Stubb had
for his wife. Our uncle got drowned
one night coming home from Pin-
ter [Pinter] Ponter swamp, he was name
Watts Harris, he belonged to Rich-
ard [Richard] Cook, in Gloucester. I want
to hear from my relations if they
can be found anywhere in the

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