Samuel Jackson searching for his mother Rachel

Springfield, Ohio, April 2, 1885.
Samuel Jackson's mother was
named Rachel and was owned by
the Webb family of Fayette county,
Ky. She had a sister named
Phyllis, and went with her to Mex-
ico a long while before the war.
She returned to Lexington, Ky.,
once and afterwards left with a
woman, named Cordelia Plummer,
for New Orleans. She left three
children, Samuel, Eliza and George,
and took two, William and Lucy,
to Mexico. She also left two sis-
ters in Kentucky: Winnie, who
married Louis Cleggett, and Han-
nah, warried Jos. Small. Any in-
formation that may be obtained of
the above Rachel Jackson will be
thankfully received by Samuel
Jackson, Springfield, Ohio.

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