Mrs. Charlotte Avery searching for her mother Fanny Sales

MR. EDITOR: Mrs. Charlotte
Aenry wants to find her mother,
whose name was Fannie Sales. The
inquire came with Mr. [indecipherable]as. Simp
son [Simpson] to Texas, when small and left
her mother in Arkansas. Old mas
ter [master] brought me to Texas to tend to
his baby. I have a sister and broth-
er [brother] in Arkansas, but I never hear
from them. I am told your paper
can find them. I will be glad if
you can, as I am just one alone; I
think of them and pray to God that
I may meet them in glory. They
are Charity, Judy, Nancy and Phil-
lip [Philip] Sales. Address Charlotte Hen-
ry [Henry], care Bev. Green Bragner,
Sdrings Hill, Texas.
[Write to Father Sales, in care
of Baptist Church, Cincinnati,
Ohio. He can probably help you
find your people––ED]

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